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Ladder Standards

Participants in the youth program climb a ladder of ability divided into five ranks. Participants are encouraged to practice and master the abilities of the next level, but the student’s own pace is respected. Each student is given their personal log book in which to record  their progress. The standards of various levels are as follows:

Second Mate: Knows the parts of the boat and can perform crew duties in the rigging and de-rigging procedures. Second Mates can assist in sailing a set course containing all points of sail. Full knowledge of boat safety is required of all second mates.

First Mate: First Mates must sail a set course with crew assistance and direct the rigging and de-rigging of the boat.

Skipper: Skippers prove single- handed ability to rig the boat and sail a set course. Skippers must also pass the American Sailing Association’s Basic Sailing exam.

Racer: Racers are able to fly a spinnaker and can pass a test on U.S. Yacht Racing Rules and Regulations.

Salty Dog: Demonstrates skills of seamanship including marlinspike, navigation and heavy weather sailing.

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