Navigation Course

Navigation Course

Coastal Navigation Course

Now You’re Ready to Chart Your Course with Navigation!

Our next Coastal Navigation course is: Sunday November 3rd, 12 noon – 5pm. Whether you’ve just completed Basic Hands-On Sailing or you have been sailing for years, you know how important it is to know where you are going. Our Navigation course teaches you basic coastal navigation skills. Topics include:

Electronic Navigation: proper use of Global Positioning Satellites (GPS)

Charts: learn to read US nautical charts and understand the symbols and conventions they contain

Tide and Current Tables: use of tables to determine changes in sailing conditions and how to steer taking into account known current and leeway

Use of compass, parallel rules and dividers.

Plotting courses using speed, distance, and time.

If you want a better understanding of navigation techniques and regulations, or would like to plot a sailing course to a new destination, this is the class for you!

Cost: $195 includes text, charts, parallel rules, dividers.

Next course date: November 3rd, 12PM – 5PM (One Day Course). 

Coastal Navigation ASA 105 Certification

Our 15 hour course is taught over three days. Next ASA 105 Navigation course is Sunday November 3rd, 12 noon – 5 PM, Saturday November 9th, 12 noon – 5 PM and Sunday November 10th, 12 noon- 5 PM.

In addition to day one topics, certification topics for ASA 105 include:
Allow for the effect of current and leeway to plot the estimated position.
Determine a course to steer which takes into account known current and leeway.
Determine current given the course steered and speed and two observed positions.
Plot a chart position from terrestrial objects using: Two or more bearings on different objects taken at one time. Bearings at different times (i.e. a running fix). One bearing and transit range.One distance (i.e. a sounding or dipping a light) and one bearing.

Use the above techniques to chart a course of at least 20 miles and 3 course changes.

Cost: $295 includes text, charts, parallel rules, dividers, and exam. Additional ASA $75 certification fee. Fee waived if you have any previous ASA certification.
Next course: November 3rd, November 9th & November 10th, 12PM – 5PM (Three Day Course)

“We are glad we took your navigation course as last week we sat in fog with no land in site. It’s the first time that happened – a real trip! Thanks for helping us find our way back.” Dean Metz, Manhattan, New York