Learn to Cruise

Learn to Cruise

Coastal Cruising Course (ASA 103)

Learn to Skipper an Auxiliary Powered Yacht with Confidence!

Once you’ve learned to sail and spent a few afternoons on the water, you may be eager to expand your sailing horizons. Our Coastal Cruising course puts you at the helm for two days of exploring the Hudson River aboard 26′ Pearsons.

This 14 hour hands-on sailing course on a 26′ yacht with auxiliary power. Learn to dock under power, anchor, make sail changes and operate VHF radio. Advanced chart reading and choosing safe anchorage will also be covered.

You will learn advanced techniques including:

  • Docking and Maneuvering Under Power: with emphasis placed on accuracy of speed and steering.
  • Selecting sails and making sail changes: proper commands, responses and techniques used to execute heaving to, getting under way again, reefing sails, and reducing heel on all points of sail.
  • Finding and Using Safe Anchorage: including anchoring in water at least 10 feet deep, and securing boat at a dock or mooring for lunch or overnight.
  • Reading navigational charts: depth, type of bottom, underwater hazards, buoys, lights, beacons, etc.
  • Operating VHF Radio/Sailing by Compass: how to do it without varying from the navigator’s ordered heading, and taking bearings with a hand-held compass.Emergency Procedures Including: action to be taken in the event of person overboard, leakage, steering or rigging failure, running aground, etc.
  • Duties of Skipper and Crew: interpretation of weather forecasts, checking the vessel prior to sailing. safety regulations and required gear will also be covered.
  • If you’ve completed Basic Hands-On Sailing and dream of staying out all day cruising the river or becoming a more confident Skipper this is the course for you!

Cost: $495 per person. Sailing text included. American Sailing Certification available.

2017 Coastal Cruising Course Dates:

May 20th &  21st
June 17th & 18th
June 24th & 25th
July 15th & 16th
July 29th & 30th
August 12th & 13th
August 26th & 27th
September 9th & 10th
September 23rd & 24th
October 7th & 8th

Bareboat Cruising Clinic

Prepare yourself for Your Own Overnight Cruising Adventures!

Croton Sailing School’s Bareboat Cruising Clinic course is a follow up to our Coastal Cruising course, preparing you for an overnight bareboat charter vacation.

During the course you and three other students will join a USCG licensed instructor onboard a 34′ yacht for one day of instruction on the Hudson River. Exploring the Hudson Highlands, anchoring in a secluded bay, and operating all of the systems aboard a large cruising vessel are all part of the Bareboat Cruising Clinic.

Topics covered include:

  • Planning the Voyage: provisioning, spare parts, first aid materials, and clothing for a voyage.
  • International Borders: documentation and procedures for international sailing.
  • Plotting Courses: read charts and identify corresponding landmarks and aids to navigation, pilot into unfamiliar harbors, and use a radar reflector.
  • Boat Systems and Safety: correct use of head, stove and galley, and electrical systems will be covered, as well as fire prevention techniques.
  • Towing Dinghies: correct methods and potential dangers.
  • Advanced Anchoring Techniques: setting and retrieving an anchor set in a Bahamian mooring, rafting at anchor, making allowance for tides, etc.
  • Courtesies and Customs of yachtsmen, including offering assistance, permission to board and flag etiquette.

Following this clinic you may interested in taking our part in our Winter Caribbean Cruises (ASA Bareboat Cruising 104). Read More…

Cost: $375 per person.

Scheduling: Offered Saturdays or Sundays from 9:00 am- 4:00 pm

2017 Bareboat Cruising Clinic Course Dates:

May 21th
June 1th
July 23rd
August 5th
August 20th
September 16th
September 24th
October 8th